Hi I’m MrVelocity

I am a software developer for Logic Complex. I mainly work on Minecraft Manager 2 & 3 at the moment but I plan on doing more soon.

Minecraft Manager 3 is currently in early development and has undergone many changes from Minecraft Manager 2 and is now coded in C# instead of VB.NET. It has been a whole new leaning experience for me as for the past 2 years I have only been using VB.NET to make Minecraft Manager 1 & 2.

I have a neurological condition called Multiple Sclerosis which currently affects my mobility the most. I am also a farther of four and work part time. Coding is my hobby at present and if and when my RRMS prevents me from manual work I will be turning to coding as a full time occupation.

Yours Truly, MrVelocity